Common Questions

Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions :

* How many people can it sleep? 6 people, 2 in the Queen Bed, and 2 each in the “full” size beds made from the couch & dinette
* What kind of MPG’s does it get? It depends on your speed and road
conditions. At 60mph, on hilly areas of the country it gets around 6mpg.
On flatter areas like Kansas and Florida it gets closer to 8mpg.
* How will I know how to use the RV once I pick it up? Before you leave with our RV, we provide a thorough orientation.  This usually takes 45-60 minutes.  We go over all of the important systems on the RV, show you where switches and settings are, how to open the canopy, and so much more.  We also meet up in the Walmart parking lot (that’s where drop off & pickup is).  The parking lot is large and allows you to do some driving around before going out on the road.
* Does it have a Backup Camera? Yes it does have a Hi-Res backup camera.  The camera works day or night (night vision) and can be on all the time or only when you put the gear shift into reverse.  The camera was replaced in 2017.
 * Do I need any kind of special license? No, a state-issued driver’s license is all that is required to operate a Motor Home.
 * What about insurance? Depending on which site you make your reservation through, insurance may be available.  If you book through RVshare, it does not include or have an insurance option.  With our help, you may be able to have your insurance company cover the RV while you use it.  If not, you can buy insurance through us for $26.75/day.  We’ll work with you and your insurance company to find the best solution.  The Auto Liability policy you already have will apply for only the “liability” portion of insurance coverage, per state law.
* Does the RV have a canopy? Yes it has a 17′ canopy that runs down the side
of the RV and over the door, I will show you how to open and close the
canopy properly.
* Can I tow a vehicle? Unfortunately not. Previous renters caused
extensive damage to the transmission and braking systems so now we don’t allow towing.
* Can we smoke in the RV? No, this is a non-smoking RV. There is a $250
clean-up to remove smoke odors should someone smoke in the RV while you are renting it.
* What kind of electrical “shore power” service does it use? It has 2
plug-ins, a 110v 15-amp normal plug & a 30-amp RV plug. Both are required.
Check with the campsite ahead of time, most have both plugins on the pole. However, if the campsite doesn’t have both, we can rent ($10) you an adapter cord that works on a 50-amp plugin and provides both power connections.
* What do I need the generator for? You need the generator to operate
things that run on 110v – like the Microwave oven, TV’s, the refrigerator,
and the overhead A/C units. However, the lights, water pump, radio all run on the
12v system and do not require the generator.
* How hard is it to drive? Driving an RV is very different than a car, it
requires wide-turns and guides (people) to help you back-up and/or park. We always suggest that you practice driving the RV in a large parking lot first before attempting side streets in neighborhoods.  We don’t suggest you plan on driving the RV alone or you may quickly run into trouble.  A set of walkie-talkies always helps a lot for positioning the RV in campsites.
* How much A/C cooling power does the RV have? The two roof A/C units are 15,000 BTU units each. Combined, they provide 30,000 BTUs of cooling power. That’s 2.5 tons of A/C cooling, which is more than a lot of homes have.
* Does the RV have in-Dash A/C, heat, and cruise control? Yes, yes, and yes.  The in-dash Heat & A/C are only intended to supplement the other on-board heating and cooling systems. It will most definitely not heat or cool the rest of the RV.
* Can I use normal toilet paper in the RV? Absolutely NOT. You have to
use camping toilet paper. Normal TP does not break down and exit the RV’s black-water system correctly. It sticks inside the tank and clogs the system up. We  include a roll of TP just to get you started but I strongly recommend bringing at least a 4-pack of RV/Camping TP with you. It’s sold everywhere camping items are sold, including Walmart.  Only camping TP and human waste should ever be sent down the drain.
* What kind of bedding do I need? We provide a Fitted Sheet & Top (flat) sheet and blanket and/or comforter for the Queen sized bed in the rear bedroom. You should plan on bringing additional blankets & pillows for the Queen bed. If you plan to have others stay with you, you will need bedding for the sleeper-couch & dinette (both are Full-Size). We do not provide any bedding for those.
* How do you charge for miles? Additional miles paid directly (not through RVshare or Outdoorsy (sites we rent through) are charged at a rate of 75 cents per . Miles purchased through the online sites are $1/mile.